About me

Bild von mir grinsend In the (rare) case, Captain Obvious isn't next to you: I'm Christian Lafin (french: The end [lafɛ̃]).
I'm a time traveler from the good ol' year 1983, but unfortunately my traveling speed is one second per second (apart from this I'm forced to travel in a way to small sphere, which cutted of my arms, my lower body and half my head), so I passing the time by doing computer stuff... things.
Stuff not fitting on my also from the 80s HDD (aka everything, cause the Alf and Bill Cosby Chrismas song, compressed by Quicktime, consuming the whole 80MiB of space), is dumped here.

If you want to know more about me, I have to disappoint you: I have to stay mysterious, because it's my only hobby and also my only character attribute.

I hope you don't mind, I didn't translated my whole page into English. In the case of my short stories it'll be way to much work and in the case of the legal notice it makes no sense, because it's just for some stupid german law and has no useful information in it. So I just translated this page, the software and this blogish thingy called "Something else" because it might be useful for English speaking people (at least it was a couple of times in the past) and my butchered English is just a bit less painful then big G's translator bot.